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Why Are These Billionaires Involved In MLM?

Why Are These Billionaires Involved In MLM?

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Sometimes I chuckle to myself when I speak to people who question whether MLM really works and whether it is a legitimate business model.


So why have the following Billionaires become involved in network marketing?

Simple, it works and it is BIG BUSINESS!

Richard Branson has Virgin Vie At Home in his portfolio of Virgin Companies. This is a cosmetics party plan network marketing company.


Donald Trump publcily endorsed the ACN video phone on the US “Apprentice” TV programme and has recently started a nutrional MLM company in the US called the Trump Network.

Donald along with Robert Kiyosaki (author of the world famous Rich Dad Poor Dad) also co-authored an excellent book called “Why We Want You To Be Rich” with chapter 27 titled “Why Do You Recommend Network Marketing?”

In the book both Donald and Robert give they own independent opinions on network marketing and also some excellent advice on how to succeed.


Warren Buffet, the worlds top investor owns more than 50 businesses, 3 of which are Network Marketing Companies.

The famous billionaire stock market guru, known as the “seer of Omaha” had Wall Street in a spin when he invested in his first MLM company, The Pampered Chef in 2002. He was quoted as saying “The Best Investment I ever made…” when it came to his MLM investment.

Bill Bartmann, (who I am pictured with below right) was once the 25th richest man in America, and he recently joined a network marketing company called iLearningGlobal.tv as a marketer.

He was invited to do so by his friend, success legend Brian Tracy.

Bill Bartmann

The Power Of Network Marketing

What these icons of the business world realise is that there is nothing more powerful than a personal recommendation from someone you know and trust.

Before we had the internet, TV, Radio and newspapers how do you think people got to know about products and services? Simple, referral and word of mouth.

Lets face it we do all the time, when we see a great film, eat at a great restaurant, come across a fab book or are bowled over by a new gadget we rave about it to our friends and family. I reckon I have sold more iPhones on behalf of Apple than I can care to imagine because I love it and I tell everyone that. When I got my first iphone (I’ve had 3) I did a demo with pretty much everyone I met and told them they needed to have one.

If you think of network marketing in the same way, that what you are sharing with others is something you feel passionate about and you can rave about. For some they rave about their MLM companies products and other rave about their business opportunity as a means to help people gain their financial freedom.

To Your Massive Success!

Shush Arya

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